5 useful ways to use NFC tags

5 useful ways to use NFC tags


NFC (Near Field Communication) chips are commonly used for mobile transactions, but most people don’t know that are many uses to these handy chips. With the recent spotlight, people and corporations are finding useful and creative ways to put the NFC chips to use. NFC tags can be placed onto any surface and can be programmed to make life simpler. The tags take a small amount of power from the smartphone and stores the information onboard.



Despite the misconceptions, here are 5 useful ways to use NFC tags


 Dim your lights

If you’re looking into transforming your house into a “Smart home”, start with a simple NFC chip. By using Ninja Blocks, users are able to dim, turn on, or turn off their lights from their mobile device.

Use in the office

Most of you know how annoying it is to be in the middle of a meeting and a co-workers phone goes off. By installing an NFC tag onto the inside of an office door, you are able to silence phones and even turn on Wi-Fi the moment employees walk through the door.


In the Car

With the use of NFC tags and cars that have Bluetooth capability, driving has never simpler. By implanting an NFC tag in your car, you are able to automatically turn on your GPS and even start your favorite playlist!

In bed

Nothing is more disturbing than receiving a phone call or notification in the middle of a good nights sleep. Place an NFC next to your bedside that automatically puts your phone in silent mode. Do you always forget to set your alarm? Let the NFC tag handle your forgetfulness.

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Corporations, like Samsung and Fox, are already putting NFC tags to good use. By placing an NFC tag inside billboards and posters, customers are able to find the location of any business by swiping their phone across the content. Maps (or whatever navigation program you prefer) will automatically locate the business and provide directions.