5 Features That You’re Going To Love About iOS 7

Apple released the details on their new systems and OS upgrades. OS X Maverick has some major upgrades to free up processor usage and organizational file categorization that has the Apple fans cheering. But, the most anticipated features are those made to the mobile OS.

Here are some features that Apple users are going to love.

1. Design

Over the years, the look and feel of iOS hasn’t changed much. Functionality has been added and upgraded, but it still has that old textured look and feel. Now, they have done away with the textures, bevel, and all the other ‘old school’ designs. Now with a larger color palette and cleaner design, the new iOS will finally be something fresh to look at.

2. Control Center

They have taken a tip from android and built in a ‘Swipe Up’ control center that gives instant access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplane mode. You can also control your flashlight and music throught this feature.

3. Multitasking

It will still be the same old double tap to the home button to get to your apps, but now when you launch an app you will see a ‘card’ that shows you what’s happening with running apps. From there you can choose the app you wish to use. Swipe up to close similar to Android and WebOS.

4. Siri

Siri will have an upgraded digital voice. It will answer questions faster and even have a male and female voice. Siri will also be making its way into vehicles in 2014.

5. Photos/Camera

Brand new camera interface that will do away with the old look and feel. You will be able to apply filters to your photo on the fly. Using the new sharing option AirDrop users will be able to select other iPhone users and share photos with them via Wi-Fi.