Small Crypto Exchange Hacked (maybe)

Autumn leaf photoAre you into bitcoins, crypto currency, mining? Many folks nowadays are and the following is something to keep in mind as you pursue this new financial frontier in finances.

The small Canadian (?) Crypto Exchange called MapleChange is reporting that “due to a bug” someone stole all of their bitcoins. They originally said that while they are investigating the hack, they were, unfortunately, going to have to shut down the Exchange, their social media, etc. Everything. Gone. Poof!  No refunds either, by the way.

They have since brought a new Discord channel online for investors affected. Their twitter feed, below, indicates they returning alcoins so some users.

However, others outside of MapleExchange say this smells of an exit strategy of sorts rather than a bug. Whatever this turns out to be — hack, bug, or an exit strategy, be sure you properly research anything before investing your hard-earned money into.





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Thieves try to steal a Tesla

Thieves steal Tesla carTake a look at a recent attempt of a couple of U.K. thieves to steal a Tesla Model S. They’re smart enough to actually gain entrance to the vehicle without the fob but they’re not smart enough to unplug the charger!

The owner of the vehicle does admit to not doing a couple of things that could have actually prevented the bad guys from gaining entrance including setting a PIN and using a Faraday pouch for the fob (while would block fob’s signal).

But it just goes to show that even “sophisticated” criminals who use technology aren’t always the brightest.

Source: electrek


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Custom Built Computers

Custom computer build back photo

Did you know we custom-build computers too?! While we’re very proud to say we’re an official Dell reseller and these are great, high-quality computers, we also recognize that some folks prefer something other than what a “stock” system might have to offer.

We can either build a system to your specifications or we can custom-design one specially for you based on your needs and wants and then build it! Not sure exactly what you’re looking for but you know you want something fast and awesome? Give us a shout!

Have an awesome case in mind along with a great new motherboard and graphics card that’s going to ensure you’re able to play the latest MMO or FPS at top resolutions and screen rates? Check!

Are you a video freelancer and needing to be able to edit efficiently in 4K while still dazzle your clients with an awesome-looking machine when they visit your office? Check!

Have a custom computer already but maybe it’s time to update it to give it a little more “pep”? We’ve got you covered!

Whatever your custom computer needs, contact us today to see how we can get you moving in the fast lane with the cool kids!

Custom computer build side photo

Custom computer build front photo

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