New Ransomware Variant – Bad Rabbit – Spreading Worldwide

The new ransomware is a variant of Petya and is spread via a fake Flash update. So far, several antivirus companies are claiming that their updated security products protect users from bad rabbit.

According to the US-CERT warning, “US-CERT discourages individuals and organizations from paying the ransom, as this does not guarantee that access will be restored. Using unpatched and unsupported software may increase the risk of proliferation of cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware.”

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ATM Hacking Malware Being Sold On The Dark Web – Cheap!

The website is called ATMjackpot and sells the malware title Cutlet Maker. The name comes from Russian slang “Cutlet” which means a “roll of money.”

The malware coders claim that it works on any Wincor Nixdorf ATM. Most ATMs are vulnerable to hackers because the machines have a computer inside that run an operating system just like a desktop PC.  Many ATM computers still use old operating systems like Windows XP which is no longer supported or updated to fight the latest threats. This fact, coupled with open and available USB ports makes the machines the perfect targets for hackers.

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What Industry Is Experiencing 2,500% Growth? Ransomware

WannaCry, Locky, GoldenEye and Cryptolocker are just a few of the ransomware titles that emerged in 2017 and with them, an estimated cost of 1 Billion dollars (go ahead, do the Dr. Evil pinky thing) to businesses worldwide.

According to research by Carbon Black, from 2016 to 2017 there’s a $2,502% increase in the sales of ransomeware within the dark web. Cybercriminals are happily buying code that is producing fast profits for their fledgling organizations

The report has uncovered a rapidly growing industry with some surprising findings.

A marketplace with 45,000 product offerings, including “DIY Kits” for ransomware code
This dark marketplace has gone from $249,287.05 in sales for 2016 to $6,237,248.90 in sales.
Some sellers are making over $100K annually

For more interesting findings please see the original article by Carbon Black.

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