The Oldest White Supremacist Site Shut Down!

A former Ku Klux Klan leader, Don Black, was operating which had over 300,000 registered users. According to Black, the sites traffic had greatly increased since violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia. The site has been operated by Black since 1995 and included forums that were popular with KKK and Nazi groups.

In a telephone interview with the Associated Press, Black said “‘I’m talking to my lawyers, and that’s about all I can do right now, I can switch to another domain, but it might wind up the same way.’”

Black has been involved with the white supremacist and KKK movements since the 70’s and was even convicted for attempting to overthrow the island nation of Dominica in 1981.

This follows after another popular white supremacist site, The Daily Stormer, was also taken offline.

According to the AP article, Kristen Clarke, executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law said in a statement, “’Especially in the wake of tragic events in Charlottesville and the spike in hate crimes across the country, Stormfront crossed the line of permissible speech and incited and promoted violence.’”

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711 Million Email Addresses Collected

A French researcher known only as Benkow has discovered a server in the Netherlands containing an unprecedented number of email addresses and passwords being used to send malware from legitimate sources – thereby avoiding spam filters.

The Ursnif banking malware is being delivered to inboxes worldwide with thousands of infections to date. Ursnif is a trojan that steals bank account numbers, credit card information, online passwords.

In a blog post, Troy Hunt wrote “The one (spam email list) I’m writing about today is 711m records which makes it the largest single set of data I’ve ever loaded into HIBP. Just for a sense of scale, that’s almost one address for every single man, woman and child in all of Europe.”

It is time to change passwords again friends.

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NHS Lanarkshire Hit By Ransomware

On Friday, a new variant of Bitpaymer disrupted work and demanded payment in bitcoin. IT staff worked over the weekend to get the network back up and running.

According to a spokesman, all security software and systems were up to date but the ransomware was deployed on the network anyway.

Most ransomware and malware infect systems via phishing emails.

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Good News For PC Gamers Who Are Anxiously Awaiting Destiny 2

Both AMD and Nvidia are releasing the driver updates that specifically mention Destiny 2 as well as F1 2017 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

These driver updates will be critical for anyone participating in the Destiny 2 early access beta. Both companies also list several other fixes and improvements that will come from the latest driver updates.

All around this is good news for anyone who owns custom built PC gaming computers and/or the latest graphic cards.

Download the latest AMD drivers here.

Download the latest Nvidia drivers here.

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Recent Navel Tragedies Could Be The Result Of Cyber Attacks

According to an analysis by Security Ledger, these collisions may be the result of a sophisticated cyber attack and not sailor error.

The means and ability for such an attack exist and have even been proven. In 2013, a University Of Texas researcher successfully sent misleading GPS data to the crew of an $80 million dollar yacht that mislead the crew about the yachts position as well as movement.

The Security Ledger writes, “’Again: the incidents so far have been chalked up to sailor error. That’s the most likely explanation and that may be the case here again with the McCain. However, it is certainly possible to imagine a scenario in which sailors “err” by believing what their navigation tools like GPS and AIS are telling them on the bridge about where they are in three dimensional space and what is around them. In the case of the proof of concept GPS attack, the UT researchers were able to steer the ship in a circle while the GPS told those on the bridge that the vessel was travelling in a straight line. The sailors bodies and the wake of the ship directly contradicted that data, proving the point, but more subtle manipulations of a ship’s course could likely go unnoticed until it was too late. And that might explain the strange lack of “situational awareness” that was blamed for the Fitzgerald crash.’”

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Couple Arrested And Charged For Capitalizing On Flaw On

According to officers who reported to the residence, it was “more of a warehouse than a home,” and they had to use an 18 foot trailer to recover the ill-gotten booty.

Police say the couple was selling the merchandise on Facebook buy/sell pages.

Romela Velazquez is charged with 2nd-degree Theft by Deception and 2nd-degree Computer Criminal Activity for accessing a computer system with the purpose to defraud. Authorities also charged Kimy Velasquez with 3rd-degree fencing and 3rd-degree receipt of stolen property.

According to an attorney representing Romela Velazquez, the couple doesn’t possess the technical abilities to hack websites and they were simply finding good deals on the internet.

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Hero Hacker Helps Stranded Family After Losing One-Of-A-Kind Car Key

For John and Maria Higgins, a simple loss of keys was about to become an adventure involving tow trucks, mechanics, locksmiths, crows (yes crows) and eventually a hero hacker.

When the Higgins family bought their used Toyota Estima minivan, they only received one set of keys instead of the usual two or even three. Unbeknownst to the family, they had purchased a vehicle with a one-of-a-kind key that could not be duplicated.

“This vehicle is a Japanese import with a sophisticated immobilizer, and the key has a chip in it that can’t be duplicated by North American Toyota dealers. I bought the vehicle a month ago from a dealer on the mainland who led me to believe they would be receiving another key for it from Japan in the few weeks following our purchase. This was not the case; as the manager just informed me, most cars sold by auction in Japan come with only one key and they haven’t gotten anything else from the auction since.” wrote Higgins in a Victoria Buzz Facebook post.

John Higgins tried everything he could think of to find the lost keys, offering a reward, looking in trash cans, even leaving shiney objects near the minivan and following the crows that picked them up in hopes of discovering the keys whereabouts.

After the Facebook post went viral, the family had several offers by the hacking community to hack the car and unlock/start it but they were advised against it because it could cause irreversible damage.

Higgins told a local newspaper, “In the hybrid system, the engine may work, but the wheels are connected to an electric motor that charges the battery. If the wheels spin, but the computer isn’t properly configured to recognize that, the batteries could charge until they explode, for example… If it was just a gas engine, this would be a different story.”

“We’re in a twilight zone of car situations.”

After the van sat in a parking lot for two weeks, it was towed to a local dealership where it remained for almost two months. The dealership reached out to a trusted mechanic who then reached out to a local hacker who asked to remain anonymous.

The hacker and the mechanic successfully entered the minivan, removed the dash and identified the immobilizer in order to reprogram it to work with new… less one-of-a-kind, keys.

The ordeal cost the family around $3,500 and the dealership that they bought the minivan from has agreed to pay half of the costs. Also, the family says they have locked up one of the three new sets of keys in a safety deposit box.

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Facebook Goes Head-To-Head With YouTube With ‘Watch’

In a blog post, Facebook outlined the new service that it calls “Watch… a new platform for shows…”

“We’re introducing Watch, a new platform for shows on Facebook. Watch will be available on mobile, on desktop and laptop, and in our TV apps. Shows are made up of episodes — live or recorded — and follow a theme or storyline.”

The new feature will roll out to a limited number of users in the US first.

According to TechCrunch, some Facebook users will have access starting today and that partners who create video content will make 55% of ad revenue.

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