Apple Quietly Releases IOS 7.0.6 – Update Your Phone NOW! – Screenshot

Apple released the IOS 7.0.6 upgrade without much emphasis on its importance, but don’t take that with a grain of salt. It’s important! It fixes a nasty bug that allows an attacker with a privileged network position to capture data protected by SSL/TSL. Sound like jargon? Here’s our suggestion. Update your iPhone right now!

Also, keep in mind that OSX has the same issue and has yet to have a fix rolled out. The bug in question doesn’t allow an app or Safari to authenticate the security of the site/app which makes a user vulnerable to a ‘Man in the Middle’ attack. A ‘Man in the Middle’ attack happens when an attacker intercepts communication between a user’s browser and a website. These attackers can monitor, record, and see anything that happens during these transactions. When you think of online banking and other financial websites, this becomes a very scary “bug”, but they can also see your Facebook conversations, Gmail, and any other site you might be utilizing at the time.

While these attacks are normally remedied by the SSL/TSL of any particular website, this “bug” allows people to bypass that leaving you as vulnerable as you would be without them. Another scary thing to think about is that this bugged OS release has been in use since September of 2012.

Wondering if you should be worried? Look at it this way. Developers (who truly understand the moving parts of the bug) weren’t even willing to discuss it as they were worried it would give hackers needed information to take full advantage of the “bug”.

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Zeus Banking Trojan Uses Steganography To Hide Crucial Data In A Photo

CNBC Prime – YouTube

Zeus is known for being one of the most effective tools for stealing a person’s banking information as it hacks login details and even masks secret transactions taking place in the background. Zeus VM is the newest variant that downloads a users configuration file that contains the domains of the bank. Then the malware is instructed to intervene during the transaction.

This was first noticed by a French researcher who writes under the name Xylitol. Jerome Segura, security researcher for Malwarebytes wrote “The malware was retrieving a JPG image hosted on the same server as were other malware components.”

Steganography has been used by malicious code writers for quite some time and is nothing new. The embedded code in the file format looks legitimate and is sometimes overlooked by security software. Most webmasters would assume an image that can just be viewed would be harmless. In bitmap mode the suspect image appears to be much larger and the malicious data that has been added and encrypted using Base64 encoding and RC4 and XOR encryption algorithms.

Even Wells Fargo data has been shown to be captured by this malware.


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Is Facebook Still Poised To Be The #1 Social Media Platform For The Future? Some Say Yes, Others Say No

In recent weeks a study was released stating that (according to Google trends), Facebook could lose 80% of its users between 2015 and 2017. The research was done comparing the decrease to that similar of a disease, which fades as people become immune.

Everyone remembers their old MySpace accounts and how addicted they were to those. Now, most people either have no MySpace account or have not even logged into that account in years. At the time, everyone thought that nothing could replace their beloved MySpace. Now, there are many contenders for the top spot of “web sharers”. Google+TwitterInstagramPintrest, and that’s just to name a few. While the latter three are not geared as much towards a Facebook style, Google+ is a very powerful and increasingly popular alternate.

The thing about studies is that it all depends on the quality of data that is being analyzed. Garner Marketing research firm director Brian Blau says that the quality of the research seems “suspect.” If the quality of the research is correct, this paints a grim future for Facebook. You can see by the constant rollouts of new features and the ever unpopular changes to their algorithm that Facebook is doing their best to try to remain popular and profitable.

Facebook, in response, also created its own parody study trying to debunk the Princeton study. Data scientist from Facebook, Mike Develin stated that it served as a “fun reminder that not all research is created equal.” Based on similar data showing a decline in the searches for Princeton the Facebook team predicted “will have only half of its current enrollment by 2018, and no students at all by 2021.”

But, all kidding aside. Facebook will need to focus on making their users and brands that use the platform to reach their followers and customers happy to insure a prosperous future for the company and social platform.


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bRight Switch Working To Integrate Android Touch Screen To Your Light Switches

bRight Switches could be making their way into a home near you, maybe even yours. This will basically replace your plain light switches with a tablet device. Of course this won’t be just any old light switch. It will expand the functionality well beyond just turning on your lights.

One of the many things that the new “switches” will do will be able to recognize when someone walks into a room and adjust the lights accordingly. It will also allow you to turn on and off your lights remotely by logging in through the internet and even has learning behavior that allows it to get to know your routines and have things “just the way you like it” right when you walk in the door.

it will also provide security for your home and even allow you to access video footage from all the tablet interfaces in your home. It will even trigger an alarm if triggered by motion.

The wall-mounted tablets will be able to run most other native Android apps so you could even launch an Angry Bird or two from your wall. The platform is also expected to have much expansion to allow for future upgrades to the device.

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cat-man-du Is Now The Only Authorized Lenovo Warranty Center Within 600 Miles Of The Amarillo Area

Photo courtesy of Lenovo Partner Website

At cat-man-du we have proudly serviced your business and home computers and networks in Amarillo, Canyon, and Dumas for more than a decade. Now, cat-man-du is the only Authorized Lenovo warranty center in a 600 mile radius.

If you’re having issues with your “Think” line Lenovo and it’s still under warranty, don’t ship it off! Bring it to us. We can handle it locally in our office and get you back to businesses even quicker.

If it’s not under warranty, you can still bring it to us and we’ll take care of any issues you might be having. That applies to any computer, network device, server, etc. We are your go-to company for any technology needs and we are proud to have expanded to being part of the Authorized Lenovo warranty center network.

Call 806-350-8324 with warranty or service questions regarding any of your technology.

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