Dell Latitude 6430u Smells Like Cat Pee And Buyers Want To Know What Dell Is Going To Do About It

If you recently purchased a new Dell  Latitude 6430u Laptop computer, then you probably noticed a little something extra with the purchase. No, not an extra stick of RAM. Buyers are reporting that their new 6430u’s are smelling like cat pee. And they’re not being that nice about it.

There is even a Dell community devoted to this called “New 6430u Smells Awful”. It’s full of colorful complaints such as “The machine is great, but smells as if it was assembled near a tomcats litterbox.” And, this is just the beginning of the colorful things people had to say about the issue.

Complaints started pouring in to dell last June and the company suggested that people clean the keyboard with a damp cloth and then blow the keyboard out with a compressed air can. According to owners, that only succeeded in blowing the stench around.

Dell finally came out with an explanation. After replacing some units and being able to investigate the recalled computers they were able to narrow it down to the devices palm rest. It was apparently a manufacturing process of the palm rest and Dell has since stopped that process and solved the issue.

Dell has asked owners of the cat-wizz computers to contact technical support and request the new palm rest.

Dell senior technical consultant SteveB has the official response, saying, “The issue was fully investigated and Dell has determined that the smell is not at all related to cat urine or any biological contaminate. Further testing revealed that there is no health hazard related to the smell.”

So, the issue is fixed. You can stop hiding your computers in dark offices or stuffing them back into laptop bags whenever you have a client “pop in.”

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Hackers Target Smartphone & Tablet Users With New Viruses & Malware

Security experts have stated that over the past few years and months that there has been an explosion of virus and hacker attacks on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Beware of viruses, malware, and new scams that you might have never looked at.

Some viruses and malware are annoyances like Leanne Karlgut experienced. Others are not.

“My phone started singing a song and the song had a couple curse words in it and there’s no way I could make it stop,” Karlgut said.

Security experts have noticed a 600% increase in the number of malware found targeting mobile devices. Cyber security expert George Waller says it’s estimated that up to 50% of devices are currently infected.

“As more people are using the phone for both their personal use and their business use, the malware writers are viewing that as a good, a good spot to hit you,” Waller said.

It’s as easy as clicking on a poison link and malware can be downloaded directly to your handheld device. These viruses and malware and log every keystroke you make. That means that they are recording text messaging, emails, and even your usernames and passwords.

“It could get your banking credentials and essentially go into your bank, act as you,” Waller said.

Another prediction is that newer versions of malware called “Ransomware” will be released shortly where the virus hijacks your phone rendering it useless until you pay a fee. Mobile wallet apps are also vulnerable using a shortwave transmission and interception technique

The details on this continue to roll out as hackers begin moving toward mobile hacking.

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Scam Artists Are Setting Up Fake Obamacare Websites To Steal Identities & Empty Bank Accounts

As of Thursday, October 24th, more than 700 fake or misleading sites that are claiming to be associated with the website have been popping up all over the internet. These sites are being used to steal information that people enter in hopes of getting health coverage.

According to the Washington Examiner, many of the sites are “considered” legal even though they are not related to or have nothing to do with the government Obamacare program.

An example is one site that has actually branded itself as “The Obamacare Enrollment Team”. It then prompts people to enter their name, social security number, address, and more on an enrollment form. You can imagine what all someone can do with all of that information. There is a site called: which someone registered through Godaddy that doesn’t enroll anyone in anything and just takes their information. It is owned by a Georgia company that also owns 167 squatter sites.

While squatter sites are nothing new, they are definitely exposing a very large problem. They have been used in the past by companies to either draw traffic from competitors or to gather information and sell that information to marketers and in some cases people who would use that information to do financial harm. You can read more about this in this article.

Unsuspecting users can be prompted to answer any number of very personal and private information through these sites. Information regarding mental and physical health, family health, personal account information, and social security information, just to name a few.

To prevent this kind of activity, many sites purchase any domain that might possibly be associated with their domain and then point that to the official website. It has experts stumped why the site had not picked up all of the very obvious domains that are now being used by “cyber squatters”. There are currently more than 222 websites trying to take advantage of the name and another 500 squatting on state exchange websites.

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cat-man-du Is Amarillo’s Most Awarded Computer Repair And Networking Company

cat-man-du makes it a point to do great computer repair work and networking at a fair price and with the best customer service. This has been the mission of the company since its conception and cat-man-du has stayed true to that.

Over the years cat-man-du has had the honor of working with thousands of businesses and local residents in the Amarillo, Canyon, and Dumas areas. With a true desire to solve computer and technology related problems, cat-man-du has become the leader in the Texas Panhandle when it comes to technology.

Being an authorized Lenovo re-seller allows cat-man-du to provide you with the latest technology from the world’s leader in PC and now mobile devices. We also keep a large stock of the Google Nexus tablets for those who are looking to own the #1 tablet on the market as well.

If you need virus removal, computer diagnostics, data migration, networking, firewalls, new computers or laptops, web design & development, cat-man-du can handle all of your needs and you don’t have to ship anything out of Amarillo, Canyon, or Dumas. All repair work is done right here in our local stores by certified and award winning technicians.

We are grateful to be a part of the local community and enjoy every day we get to help you meet your technology needs. With our focus being on customer service and doing the job right, it’s no shock that cat-man-du has received a multitude of awards as well as stacks of thank-you cards on a weekly basis. Just take a look at the photo below.

Here are just a few of the many awards we have received:

2010 Winner, 2009 & 2006 Finalist, Better Business Bureau of the Texas Panhandle’s Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics

2009 Winner, Jim Henson Top Small Business of the Year (Amarillo Chamber of Commerce)

2012 Winner Top Small Busines (Amarillo Chamber of Commerce)

AND – while we’re bragging on ourselves, ahem, we get tons of “Thank You” notes and cards from our happy customers which may be the best award of all.

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John McAfee Says That Is A Hacker’s Dream

Founder of McAfee security software, John McAfee, states that the new site is a hacker’s dream. Computer hackers can steal your identity through the site.

There is nothing to stop a hacker from creating a website that pretends to be an agent that is a broker for the new healthcare program. From there they can gather all of the extremely personal data that can easily allow them access to a person’s bank account.

“This is going to happen and it’s going to happen very soon”, said McAfee.

“The hacker aspect is only one of the problems,” McAfee said. “Most people can’t even log onto the system because it’s so complex and error-ridden.”

He also stated that the site’s architecture is simply “outrageous” and was not designed to handle the volume of users that would be accessing the site.

We are just reporting what the security mogul stated in recent interviews and are in no way trying to discourage people from utilizing the site or the affordable healthcare act. We just want to make sure that our readers and clients are safe. Please do a little research on any site on which you are entering sensitive data to make sure that your identity and finances are safe.


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Windows 8.1 Rolls Out Early AM October 17th

Windows 8.1 will begin its rollout tomorrow morning at 4AM PT. Microsoft is hoping for a “rebirth” with the rollout of the OS update. After a rough introduction to the marketplace for Windows 8, the company has hopes that this will renew faith in the OS.

Fresh built in applications, user interface upgrades, and more powerful search technologies, are features that Microsoft hopes will calm the storm of users who are really unsatisfied with the initial release of Windows 8. Sources are stating that Windows 8.1 is to Windows 8 as Office 2010 is to Office 2007. It’s definitely an update that you want to install on your machine.

Not all computers will receive the new code at exactly 4AM PT. Some will see the update in the Windows store later. But, most people will see this new update waiting for them as they wake up in the morning.

Depending on how Skydrive, Bing, Skype and other services behave with the roll out, even this new release has the potential to be tarnished. That being said, for the most part, these applications have been quite stable as of late.

The big question is, “How many people will actually install the upgrade?” With the issues that people have with the initial release, I don’t see any reason why people wouldn’t jump on this update the moment they see it available.

For those who are chomping at the bit, or satisfied with the current OS, they will all have their chance to upgrade first thing in the morning.

Photo via Windows Facebook Page

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Google Nexus 5 To Launch The Last Week Of October

The leaks have been pouring in regarding the new Google Nexus 5 smartphone. From specs to pricing, it seems that everyone has been speculating what we might be getting in this new device. It is said that the phone will be released in the last week of October and will have specs very similar to that of the iPhone 5s.

A reliable source says that the new Nexus 5 will be announced and even start shipping at the end of the month. The price will be about half of what consumers will be shelling out for the iPhone 5s. The Nexus 5 will be sold for about $446 USD. While the source said that the specs of the new Nexus 5 will equal that of the iPhone 5s, there was no clarification as to what that means.

The lower price point is a way for Nexus to undercut the new iPhone and do so while offering a device with just as much under the hood. September marked benchmarks that showed the Nexus 5 and the iPhone 5s being the top performers. These phones beat the LG G2, Sony Experia, and even the Samsung Galaxy S4.


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Schneider Electric Recalls Surge Protectors Due To Fire Hazard

For those of you who own and use a Schneider Electric surge protector, then you need to make sure that you discontinue use as soon as possible. Schneider Electric has recalled the APC7 and 8 model surge protectors. These protectors were manufactured before 2003.

To see if you own one of the affected surge protectors you need to look at the serial numbers located on the bottom of the device. The two numbers that follow the letter or letters on the bottom indicate the year that the surge protector was manufactured. The numbers involved in the recall are listed here: 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01 or 02.

There have been over 700 reports of surge protectors overheating, melting and even causing fires. There have been 13 reports of injuries due to these accidents. Schneider is asking that anyone who owns these affected models unplug them immediately and contact the company for a replacement unit.

They were sold at nationwide stores between 1993 and 2002. Best Buy, Circuit City, and Comp USA are just a few of the companies where you might have purchased a faulty surge protector.

Here are the listed models:

7 Series Model Numbers


8 Series Model Numbers



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