The #1 Most Asked Question At cat-man-du [VIDEO]

OK, here it is – THE most asked question at cat-man-du:

“I have antivirus installed – how did I get a virus on my computer?” To answer this question I will use one of my favorite movies as an analogy – Smokey and the Bandit.

“East bound and down, eighteen wheels are rollin’, we’re gonna do what they say can’t be done.

We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there. I’m west bound, just watch ol’ “Bandit” run.

Ol’ Smokey’s got them ears on and he’s hot on your trail. He aint gonna rest ’til you’re in jail.

So you got to dodge ‘im and you got to duck ‘im, you got to keep that diesel truckin’.

Just put that hammer down and give it hell.”

How could modern technology even remotely relate to a movie from 1977 about making a beer run across the U.S.? Read on…

I’m not going to get into the technical details of what Viruses and Malware are, let’s just say that it’s software on your computer that you don’t want for now. In my analogy, Smokey (the law, Sheriff Buford T. Justice) is the virus.

Antivirus/ anti-malware software like Microsoft’s Security EssentialsTrend Micro and AVG is the black T-top Pontiac Trans Am.

You get to play the part of The Bandit (If anyone reading this sports a mustache, cowboy hat and drives a Pontiac Trans Am, please post pics).

The most important part of this analogy that I want readers to get is that throughout the movie (and subsequent sequels) Smokey is constantly chasing The Bandit, he doesn’t give up, and if he catches The Bandit, it’s going to be a very bad day for The Bandit.

I know, several minutes into reading this you may still be thinking this analogy isn’t working – hang in there.

Virus and Malware creators are very much like Smokey, they don’t stop and they don’t let up. The people who write viruses are constantly looking under the hood of programs like Microsoft WindowsJava and Internet Browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer looking for flaws that they can take advantage of. A very important thing to remember is that the Virus writers set the pace, they create Virus/ Malware AND THEN antivirus companies REACT by updating their antivirus software to catch the virus. There are constant moments when antivirus software isn’t aware of the latest viruses and threats. These threats are called “Zero-day attacks.” Are you seeing how vulnerable we all are? Smokey was always setting up road blocks, traps and in constant “hot pursuit” always looking for a way to catch The Bandit off guard.

Antivirus software – you say you’ve got the latest antivirus software installed and updated, you’ve got a Firewall – this isn’t your first rodeo. You can relax right? WRONG! Relying solely on technology to protect yourself from a man-made, ever evolving threat is like only relying on a security system to protect your family.

In my analogy, it’s like The Bandit only relying on his 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, W72/WS6 options, Black & Gold Special to keep him out of jail. What kept The Bandit safe was his cunning and caution and good ol’ boy know-how.

The Bandit had a very powerful piece of technology at his disposal. That power came from a Pontiac 455 engine and a host of other upgrades that made his car screaming fast. But he didn’t set the cruise control and head down the highway. He was always on his toes for the latest trap being laid out by Smokey. He also performed regular maintenance and upgraded (updated) his car on a regular basis. You keep your technology updated by performing Windows Updates, Java updates and any other updates to stay protected (well… as protected as possible).

But the biggest weapon The Bandit had in his arsenal was his brain – and it is your best defense against an ever changing cyber-war. You have to be the one that smells a trap when that email comes into your in-box. You have to be on your toes when surfing the web and you have to decide that you are going to avoid seedy websites to download pirated movies and music.

Above all, The Bandit knew that the race he was in was high risk and even if he had the fastest car and his keen wits, he could still end up being caught by one of Smokey’s traps. So safe truckin’ good buddies, put the hammer down and enjoy this PG-13 Video (virus free).


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Facebook, Google +, Pintrest, Twitter – Which Social Network Fits You Best?

I remember the days when people used to ask me, “Hey man, are you on MySpace?” Then, it seemed like in one day, MySpace was over and Facebook was the hottest new social network.

You now have a plethora of choices when it comes to staying in touch with friends, family, customers, and your interests. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Which social network fits me best? Well, it depends on what you’re wanting to do. Your choices are many and I will be touching on a few of the most popular platforms. The ones that stand out to me are Facebook, Google+, Pintrest and Twitter.

#1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network with more than 1 billion users worldwide and is a favorite from people young and old. A great place to keep in touch with friends and has a huge gaming platform. Many people start just to stay in touch with friends and before they know it, they are addicted to Farmville. Brands use the social network to promote content and drive traffic to their web properties. Facebook has stated that it affects the user experience and therefore adjusted their algorithm to make it more and more difficult for brands to promote to users. Many brands have actually began to focus less on Facebook and more on other social platforms that don’t regulate the distribution of their content.

#2. Google +

Google + has made headway in the shadow of Facebook. It now has more than 400 million users and is gaining popularity. It boasts many features that make it very appealing to brands and users alike. SEO friendly post titles and the Google Hangout are just a couple that have people raving. So, hanging out in a chat box and talking to your friends is cool, but clicking a single ‘hangout’ button and your instantly connected via audio and video to your friends is a new level. It offers the ability to have that face-to-face chat with the important people in your life, even when you’re not there. And for brands who share and promote content via social networks, what could be better than SEO friendly titles. Not only do you get the SEO from the title of the post that you are sharing, but now Google + has amped it up to offer SEO on your G+ titles too. It also offers a very robust and well integrated mobile platform, especially to those who happened to use Android OS.


#3. Pintrest

Pintrest has just launched over the last couple years and is hugely popular in certain circles. For the crafty moms or the people who love recipes, Pintrest is a great resource. It has a very share friendly platform and re-pinning ‘pins’ is super easy and actually lots of fun. If you’re looking for 10 ways to make your own household cleaners or the best Thanksgiving stuffing recipe, then Pintrest is definitely for you.





#4. Twitter

Twitter is a favorite amongst celebrities and athletes. People from Lady Gaga to the touring comedian use Twitter to inform fans and friends of what’s going on and where they are. It’s also a great place to follow your favorite “people” as well. It’s like a constant and instant feed from all the people you find important. If you want to know “everything” your favorite celeb is up to, or share what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, Twitter is likely a good platform for you.

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Consumers Counting The Seconds To The Announcement Of The Samsung Galaxy S 4

I know, I know. It hasn’t even been a year since the release of the Galaxy S3 and now Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S4, but the only people who will be griping about this are the people who locked up their upgrade by purchasing the S3 a few months back (put me in this category). I understand that technology sometimes seems to rollover onto itself sometimes, but that’s what we (early adopters) get for buying the latest device.

I am guilty of this in all areas of technology. Whether it be the newest laptop to hit the market like theLenovo Twist, or the newest gadget to sync my S3 and my HD TV, I jump in with both feet. I would love to get my hands on this new S4 (only chance of that is to coax the wife into trading me phones and giving me her upgrade = not likely). Now on to some things that are expected from the S4.

First, it’s rumored to have an eight core processor. While we may see that in UK models, I am willing to bet that the US devices get the 1.8GHZ quad-core. But the rumor mill is touting an eight-core, so I guess we will see.

Second, 5.0 1080×1920 resolution display. They are packing this larger display with more pixels which in turns means richer and fuller colors along with performance powered by the quad/eight core processor (depending on who you believe).

Lastly, the camera. The front facing is expected to be a 2.1 megapixel camera which is easily on par with the top devices on the market. But, the main camera will be an 13 megapixel monster that is even rumored to shoot in 3-d. This is probably the most anticipated feature besides an eight-core processor.

These are the main things that interest myself when looking for a new device. All the other amazing things like ‘eye scrolling’ and wireless charging are just a bonus to me.


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Lithium Ion Laptop Batteries Reported To Cause Housefires [VIDEO]

I recently had a client bring in her laptop several times. The first time she brought it in, we repaired the errors and she was on her way. When she got home a few hours later it didn’t seem to be working. Every time she would bring it in, it was working fine. After the 3rd time, I asked her where exactly she was keeping her computer and she replied “it usually stays on my bed”. That would be an issue that most people don’t consider. It is very dangerous to keep your laptop on a surface where it cannot breath. Not only can it over heat, it can be a serious fire hazard. It is recommend everyone keep their laptops on flat surfaces.

Over the past few years there have been more and more stories about house fires because of a laptop. The reason for the fires? Laptops being on soft surfaces and left on. Many computer manufacturers have been recalling lithium ion laptop batteries because they are highly dangerous, and can overheat bursting spontaneously into flames. Laptops should never be used or left on soft surfaces, whether it be on the carpet, couch, bed,on a paper filled desk,or dusty/dirty surfaces.

There are several ways you can avoid a fire caused by a laptop. Keep your computer away from combustible surfaces, make sure the power cord is not damaged, and also make sure your laptops vent is clean and clear of dust and lint. You can always spray air through your laptop to keep the vents clean. Another suggestion would be to run your laptop on AC with the battery removed and only use the battery when you are on the go. If a fire does occur, a good thing to remember is never use water, use a dry chemical like a fire extinguisher instead.

For more information on battery recall click here.


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